Cross Contamination Problem Solved

Airocide eliminates microbial material too small for even a Hospital Grade HEPA filter to stop. 99.9999% of all airborne organic matter on the first pass. And because it is a catalytic process, no filters are needed. Moreover, because this technology employs surface-bound OH- radicals to deconstruct microbial materials, no harmful byproducts such as Ozone are reintroduced into the plant atmosphere. So your workforce stays healthy, and your production yield stays where you want it to.

A partial list of dairy customers

  • Saputo Cheese USA Inc.
  • Johanna Foods, Inc.
  • Kemps LLC
  • Silver Lewis Cheese Co-op
  • Agropur Division Natrel
  • Mullins Cheese Inc
  • The Stirling Creamery