Floral Growers

When The CEO Of A Major Floral Products Company Tested It, He Became A Believer...

Stanley Fitts, CEO of Reeves Floral Products set aside some fresh cut roses, protected half with the Airocide® bioconversion system and set the other half in a control cooler. The Airocide roses lasted 18 days longer than Fitts would normally keep them. The control flowers - not so much.

Reeves reports that when they began using it in their wet cooler, in just 24 hours airborne mold was reduced by 92% and bacteria dropped by 58% across the total area being cleaned.

Airocide bioconversion systems eliminate 99.999% of all micro-organic particulate (mold, mycotoxins, virus, bacteria and VOCs like ethylene gas) on the first pass. The system has no filters or chemicals to change, produces no harmful byproducts or waste, is self-cleaning and uses no more power than a light bulb. Just plug it in.

CASE STUDY: Floral Pre-Cooler Esmeralda Farms

A clinical study of the Airocide technology was conducted in the Pre-cooler at sites inside the Pre-cooler Esmeralda Farms' facility in Miami, FL. The data supports the hypothesis that airborne mold and bacteria levels would be lowered after continuous operation of the Airocide system. The results show a significant reduction in airborne pathogens just 24 hours. There was an average airborne mold reduction of 95.45% after a 72-hour period and an average airborne bacteria reduction of 73.18% in the same time frame. Click here for study details.