Floral Wholesale

The One Delivering The Best Results Gets The Business.

Beautiful blooms and ultra fresh product; that’s what Dave Euston’s customers want to be known for and because that’s what he delivers, Dave is known for that too.

Dave is branch manager for Pittsburg Cut Flower Company and according to him, “ the Airocide® system ... has made a tremendous improvement in the quality of my flowers”. “...customers are getting flowers that stay fresher longer.”

His company installed the Airocide bioconversion system to deal with mold and ethylene gas issues. Airocide eliminates 99.999% of all airborne micro-organic matter on the first pass through the system. It is technology developed by NASA for the space station and is exclusive to the Airocide brand. Airocide mineralizes (eliminates) virtually all microorganisms, viruses, bacteria, mold spores and mycotoxins, and bio-aerosols (organic gasses) including ethylene. And it does it without generating or using dangerous ozone.

Florists are demanding longer shelf life. Dave enthusiastically reports, “We are very happy with the results.”

CASE STUDY: Floral Distribution Center

A clinical study of the Airocide PPT air purifying system was conducted in the 94,600 ft3 floral coolers of Equiflor Corporation, a leading floral growing, distributing and marketing company in Miami, FL. The data supports the hypothesis that airborne mold levels would be lowered after 48 hours of continuous operation of the system. The results show an average airborne mold reduction inside the coolers of 78.5% in 48 hours. Click here for study details.