Produce Protection

Here’s How Airocide® Increases Profits.

Airocide is a food preservation technology so powerful that it eradicates virtually all the ethylene gasses that spoil inventory as well as mold and bacteria. Making food safer and making it stay fresh longer. And more inventory equals more sales opportunities and profits—no matter which role of the farm to fork process you are.

Born from NASA, Airocide’s revolutionary technology allows you to drastically reduce shrinkage, improve food safety and provide the freshest produce to your customers. Allowing you to do more with less.

Airocide uses no filters, has nothing to clean, is virtually maintenance free and runs on as little power as a light bulb.

You could easily add five to 15 percent to your net profits simply by employing this unique, affordable technology. Just imagine your possible gain over a quarter, or over a year.

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