Retail Grocery

You Are The Brand

Fresh produce is at the heart of a supermarket. Customers may come in for the price, but they look to you for freshness. It’s up to you to keep the product fresh, with plenty of appetite appeal. Keep it safe. Keep damaged product out of your displays at all times. And all this depends on you. Yes, you are the brand.

You deal with issues the customer never sees. Mold spores in the air. Airborne bacteria. Cross-contamination impacting flavor when incompatible produce is stored together and with cold storage space at a premium that may be unavoidable. To say nothing of the accelerated ripening/spoilage and loss in profits that ethylene produces.

It’s a heavy burden but one that Airocide® can lighten.

Put Airocide inside the cold room and watch the shelf life of your produce increase along with the safety and quality of the product you provide to your customers. Just install an Airocide bioconversion system in the cooler. It’s as easy as that.

All with a machine that uses no filters, has nothing to clean, and it is virtually maintenance free. It’s green friendly - running on as little power as a couple of light bulbs. Leaving you with smiles on customer’s faces and an increase in your profits.

See what other produce managers are doing to lessen their burden and improve results.

CASE STUDY: Organic Supermarket

An organic foods supermarket participated in a study to determine the pathogen killing ability of Airocide in their walk-in coolers, in the interest of increased food safety, and product life and appeal. The results showed an average airborne-mold reduction inside the coolers of 89 percent and an airborne-bacteria reduction of 67 percent. Click here for study details.