You Don’t Have To Be The Fall Guy

Your reputation rides with every shipment, so the need to provide fresh produce to your sellers is essential. But it’s fraught with obstacles.

Good performance, of course, means sellers are more likely to use your services again. But contaminants hinder your ability and your profits.

You’re on schedule, your equipment is working normally, and when you loaded up, the produce looked fine. Yet when you unload, it smells moldy. There may even be some spots forming on the walls. And the crop you are carrying looks tired and sad. Suddenly, people begin to blame you for the deterioration.

But of course it’s actually the harvest sabotaging itself. Along the way, undetectable mold spores flourished, while the produce’s natural ethylene gas accelerated the ripening process; the enclosed space only compounding the issues. Sure, you’ve tried potassium permanganate filters, pellets and sachets but with only limited success. You’ve spent the money and watched them change color as they quit working.

But what if you could eliminate the mold. Eliminate the ethylene. Even eliminate fungi, bacteria, viruses and volatile organic compounds and do it continuously without the expense of those band-aid solutions?

You can.

Install an Airocide® bioconversion system in your refrigerated units and you’ll be amazed at the results. Airocide bioconversion systems eliminate virtually all airborne mold and ethylene gas, as well as bacteria, viruses, and pathogens regardless of size that enter its reaction chamber. And Airocide doesn’t wear out.

With Airocide you can significantly increase produce freshness, which will give grocers the same benefit. Give them this key advantage—and get more business in return.

Here is a snapshot of what one of your peers has experienced.

CASE STUDY: Slingshot Transportation

Slingshot is a cold storage and transportation/logistics company handling all types of fruits and vegetables.

PROBLEM: Visible mold and odor, cross-contamination and retail customer complaints of short product shelf life.

CUSTOMER SOLUTION: Employ Airocide and stress NASA technology to customers as a means of overcoming/reversing complaints.

RESULTS REPORTED: Slingshot reports the elimination of mold on ceilings and walls, elimination of odors and their customers have reported a noticeable extension of shelf life for Slingshot-supplied products.

CUSTOMER REACTION: Since installing the initial system in one cooler, customer has now populated every cooler in their operation with the product.

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