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Cold Storage / Food Warehousing

Elimination Is The Best Solution.

Food safety, traceability and sustainability are the three key words that resonate throughout the industry today. Be lacking in any one and you could be out of business.

With material coming into your facilities from numerous suppliers, it’s nearly impossible to keep track of where each product came from—to say nothing of what contaminants came on them. Every time a new shipment arrives so does mold spores, mycotoxins, viruses, and bacterium. One crop can easily infect another.

Even scrubbing down coolers on a regular basis doesn’t keep mold from building up on the walls. Meanwhile trapped ethylene gas accelerates maturation of produce. And if there is shared space between different crops, cross-contamination between them is a problem. Until now, it has seemed like a never-ending battle.

But cold-storage pros are finding out the secret; a NASA developed and perfected product called Airocide®.

Airocide’s unique bioconversion-technology system doesn’t filter. It actually eliminates ethylene gas, mold, fungi, bacteria, viruses and even volatile organic compounds—simply by molecular-conversion. By eliminating the culprits, labor is reduced and produce is saved. And that’s truly a breath of fresh air.

CASE STUDY: Tomato Cooler

Research Summary – Tomato Cooler, Regional Produce Wholesaler; Alberta Canada. A clinical study of an Airocide® bioconversion system was conducted in the 19,500 ft3 tomato cooler of a regional produce wholesale company in Alberta, Canada. The study was conducted during three days of normal business activity. The results showed airborne mold reduction inside the cooler of 54 percent in 24 hours and 62 percent in 48 hours. Airborne bacteria in the same cooler decreased 75 percent in 24 hours and by 100 percent in 48 hours. Click here to see the study results.