Doctors’ Offices

Healthcare Workers Are Exposed Every Day.

Consider this, the Airocide® bioconversion system is clinically proven to eliminate 99.999 percent of all airborne microorganisms. Proven in clinical studies. Proven in real world working operating theatres. Even eliminating harmful VOCs—protecting the lives of patients and those who care for them.

Coughs and sneezes, viruses and bacteria of all kinds surround your patients and your staff. If either one is sick, they’re likely to infect the other. Moreover, the bacteria and viruses they are carrying linger long after people have left the building.

In a single practitioner’s office as many as six patients an hour impact the air. In a joint practice, that number jumps considerably. Add nurse practitioners and larger facilities and it grows even larger. Physicians, nurses and staff are all affected, as well as every one of your patients seeking to get better, not worse.

The good news … there is simple treatment that dramatically drops the colony forming unit (CFU) count of airborne pathogens. The Airocide bioconversion system.

Explore the evidence to see how other healthcare facilities have put Airocide to work.

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