The Core Technology

Airocide’s nanocoating technology permanently bonds Titanium Dioxide (TiO2) to the surface of the mini-tubules that comprise the catalytic bed. This permits the perpetual generation of surface-bound (OH-) radicals and prevents the generation and release of harmful byproducts such as Ozone.

Bound to the surface, these (OH-) radicals can only contact organic matter when a virus, bacterium, VOC or other organic particulate when one physically collides with it. As that happens, total mineralization takes place at a molecular level. Permanent eradication results with the original organic converted into harmless vapor.

Arrayed in such a way as to make collision inevitable these nanotubes are the reason why the phenomenal eradication rate is possible without the production of Ozone or other harmful byproducts. Producing, safe, crisp, clean air – 99.999 percent free of VOCs, mold spores, bacteria, viruses and mycotoxins.