PCO Bioconversion

PCO Bioconversion: The conversion of organic matter; be it plant, animal or bacteria, into usable products via a biological process or agents without the production of harmful byproducts.

For this to work effectively the process requires three (3) core elements

  • Permanent bonding or non-delaminating element as part of a catalytic process such as to render the element almost unlimited life. Ultra-high K-factor reactivity to ensure concurrent/continuous surface-bound hydroxyl radical production numbering in the trillions per nanosecond.
  • The core process must be green
  • No harmful byproducts may be produced as a result of the bioconversion process.

The Airocide® Advantage

  • Hydroxyl radicals and super-oxide ions are bound to individual glass surfaces via a nano-particle compound creating nearly three hundred and sixty degrees (360) of exposure. Increased exposure increases the likelihood of pathogen collisions.
  • The glass tubes and the way their architectural construct is applied within the ACS 100 system create more than 5 METERS of surface area. The likelihood of pathogen collision increases exponentially with an increase in surface area.
  • The system produces neither Ozone nor any other harmful byproduct.