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How To Control The Environment

Eliminated Black Mold

Brad Warner, Winemaker – Foley Johnson Winery

Brad operates an all-natural chemical free winemaking operation. He installed Airocide to combat black mold in their underground barrel storage facility and now has zero mold issues.

Reduced Labor Costs

Alan Viader, Director of Operations & Winemaking – Viader Wineries

Alan prefers to initiate the winemaking process with a cold-soak period in open-top barrels. Alan uses Airocide to prevent wild yeast spores from spoiling the fermentation process as well as to prevent mold from forming. He believes Airocide saves his operation 40 to 50 man-hours in cleaning labor every month.

Prevented Evaporative Loss

Julio Ramirez, Production Manager – Joel Gott Wines

Julio’s above ground barrel storage and was loosing about a barrel a month to evaporation. By installing Airocide he has achieved a 10% reduction in evaporative loss by maintaining an RH level of 78 percent without mold, TCA and other microbial issues.

Stopped Mold Growth and Spoilage Microorganisms

Keith Emerson, Director of Winemaking – Vineyard 29

This premium Cabernet producer uses Airocide to inhibit mold growth and airborne spoilage microorganisms in their caves containing upwards of 1,000 barrels. With each valued at from $15,000 to $25,000 he considers Airocide essential in protecting his winemaking environment.

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